Dog Walking

Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?

No. Most clients are comfortable sharing a set of keys with The Tail Gang to enable us to collect and drop of your dog even if you are not home.

What security measures do you have?

Your key will be kept secure and away from personal information and no key can be identified to any property. In the event of your key being lost or stolen we will advise you immediately. Your personal information will never be sold or discussed with any third parties in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

I don’t want my dog to walk in a group, can it be walked on its own?

I can try and accommodate solo walks but this may be for a shorter time duration depending on availability.

Do you take bitches in season?

No. It is The Tail Gang’s policy never to take a bitch which is in season.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

We carefully select which dogs will walk together, if we find an imbalance within the group we will switch accordingly and inform you of our decision. We want all of our dogs to enjoy their walk.

Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes. Your dog will be under constant supervision and will NEVER be left unattended.

How do you transport the dogs to the walk location?

The Tail Gang has a fully insured van which has specially made dog cages fitted.

Can you walk my dog at the weekends?

My normal working hours are Monday to Friday but I can accommodate weekends if requested. It may be that your dog would have to be with me for the whole day as sometimes I have plans away from home. My own dog goes everywhere with me so as long as you are happy for your dog to come too then that would be ok.

I work nightshifts, can you walk my dog at night?

Again, normal walking hours are during the day but as I walk my own dog at night, I’m sure we could figure something out so that your dog is getting exercised too. 

I normally walk my dog off lead, so can you do the same?

All dogs will remain on a lead until both you and I are confident that they will return to me when called. You would also have to give me signed permission to allow me to let your dog of their lead.

How do you reward good behaviour on walks?

I use treats as a reward as I find this works best from a training point of view. If you would rather I didn’t give your dog treats then please let me know at our initial meeting.

Will you still walk my dog if the weather is bad?

Yes. I walk my dog in all weathers so it would have to be really extreme for me to cancel a walk (and that’s not happened yet). I just wear more clothes. 

If I need to cancel my dog’s walk will you still charge me?

Dog walking cancellations should include a minimum of a day’s notice or the normal fee will be charged.

What if my dog gets hurt on a walk?

I have a pet first aid kit with me and hold a first aid certificate to treat any minor injuries. If the injury was more serious or if your dog became unwell then you would be contacted and the dog taken to your vet’s surgery for treatment.

Can you administer my pet’s medication?

The Tail Gang are happy to administer medication for your pet, in accordance with your written instructions.

Home Boarding

Is there a minimum stay duration?

Nope, absolutely not. Your dog can come and stay for an overnight visit, two nights or a month, I really don’t mind as long as your dog has come to meet us before staying.

How many dogs do you board at one time?

I try and only have dog/s from one family staying with me at any given time. There might occasionally be a slight overlap of a day or two but no more than that. I like to give all my dogs lots of cuddles and attention and want them to relax and enjoy their time with us. If I had too many dogs from different families I couldn’t guarantee they would all get on and this could mean that their stay becomes stressful which we don’t want.

Is there any breed of dogs that you won’t board.

The only breeds that I can definitely not accept are those on the banned dogs list (Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and the Fila Braziliero). Other than that I’d happily look after any breed of dog as long as they are friendly and fit into our family home.

My dog hasn’t been castrated, is this an issue?

Some dogs that haven’t been castrated have no desire to do so and don’t feel the need to mark their territory but this is few and far between. If this is the case with your dog I would need to see evidence of this, such as being out with other dogs (preferably bitches). Unfortunately, I am generally unable to take uncastrated dogs due to these undesirable behaviour traits.

My dog missed its last booster vaccination, can it still come and stay?

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, flea treatments and worming before coming to stay and I do have to see their vaccination record.

My dog has to get regular medication, is that ok?

Of course, you just have to show me the medication, ensure I have enough for the time you will be away and explain the dosage and how it is administered so that I am familiar with this before you leave.

Who all stays in your house that will be around my dog?

More animals than humans is the easy answer. For the hoomans there is myself, my little girl Annie who is 5 ( and has been around dogs and cats since she was a tiny baby) and my grown son Adam.  Then the animals are Chilli, who is my year old Australian Labradoodle (a bundle of fluffy, friendly fun) and my three cats, my old girl Lily, and the black babies, Pepper and Pixie. All three of my cats are used to being around dogs and apart from hissing occasionally tend to not pay much attention.

If you also offer dog walking, does that mean my dog will be left alone all day?

Absolutely not. The maximum length of time your dog will be left is 3 hours, I’m never that far away from home and like to go home, not only to see the dogs and let them out but also for a nice cup of tea.

How many walks a day is my dog going to get when staying with you?

Your pooch will get atleast 3 walks a day. We head out for a walk first thing in the morning, then again late afternoon, both of those walks are usually about an hour and then we also have a shorter walk in the evening before bed time. At the weekends we might head out for longer depending what we have planned.

I’m not sure if my dog really likes children, what should I do?

Not all dogs like children, or cats for that matter, and the last thing we would want to do is cause any stress for your dog. If you really feel that your dog wouldn’t cope with cats and/or children then unfortunately, perhaps we are not the home for your pet.

Do you supply my dogs food?

No, you supply all the food your dog will need, along with their usual bedding, any favourite toys and their food bowl. Don’t worry about bringing a water bowl, I’ve got plenty of those.

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